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Ikadan Sport & Fritid A/S is a specialist manufacturer and retailer of permanent and mobile flooring systems.

We supply to the public and private sectors and our floors are used for exhibitions, corporate functions and sporting and outdoor events. We are a subsidiary of Ikadan System A/S, a company with more than 27 years experience developing and supplying solutions in plastics for the leisure, sport and agriculture sectors.

Based in Denmark, the company has a global customer base, supplying to more than 30 countries worldwide. The wider group also incorporates Ikadan Plast A/S, which specialises in the production and sale of injection moulded plastic components. Ikadan have sales representatives in Ikadan System USA Inc, Ikadan UK Ltd, Ikadan GmbH and Ikadan Ukraine LLC.

At Ikadan Sport & Fritid A/S we have used our specialist knowledge of plastics to develop innovative flooring solutions. For us customers are at the heart of what we do and we work hard to make sure we understand their needs. Using our experience and expertise, we act on customer feedback to continuously improve existing products and develop new concepts.

We believe plastic is the perfect material for our flooring, its key advantages being its strength, durability and ease of cleaning. These properties enable us to produce hard wearing, professionally finished floors that provide excellent value for money.

In the current economic climate it’s common practice to outsource production away from Europe. Here at Ikadan, we have chosen to keep our manufacturing operation close at hand in Denmark, where we can ensure products are finished to the rigorous quality and safety standards we insist on. Staying local also means we have flexibility and can respond quickly to bespoke orders without any need for long lead times.

Our manufacturing process is fully automated, and this means we can offer our products at highly competitive prices.